World-famous dumplings

Bai siu bao

This traditional dim sum dish is a Cantonese barbeque feast concealed inside a soft, chewy bun.


 Momos are dumplings that are commonly served in Tibetan and Nepalese cuisine. They frequently come with a dipping sauce made of tomatoes and can be filled with meat, vegetables, or cheese.


This Eastern European dumpling employs a thin dough made of flour and egg and is frequently referred to as "Jewish ravioli." It's triangle-shaped, stuffed with a variety of meats or potatoes, and served with chicken soup.

Tong long bao

The way the skin is pinched at the top and the addition of a small bit of aspic, which melts and lends xiao long bao its moniker of "soup dumpling," set them apart from other steamed Chinese dumplings.


Chinese wontons are served in broth and have a thin skin, though they can also be deep-fried. The skin of a wonton made in the Hong Kong style is usually thicker and filled with shrimp.


These tasty Russian dumplings, which are frequently stuffed with meat and mushrooms, resemble a cross between tortellini and pierogies.


Georgians view these dumplings as its national dish. The distinctive khinkali is made by gathering the pleats of the wrapper at the top and boiling it. It is stuffed with spicy meat, cheese, and herbs.

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