What a typical Spanish breakfast looks like

Sandwiches, potato tortillas, and churros are among the Spanish breakfast foods.

In Spain, the majority of people enjoy having a quick breakfast of basic sandwiches called bocadillos, which can be filled with anything from cheese and Spanish jamon (ham) to fish and veggies.

The modest Spanish omelette is one of the most well-liked breakfast options available to people in Spain, among a vast variety of other options. It also goes by the name tortilla, but it's very different from its Mexican relative of the same name.

Potatoes, eggs, and onions are combined to make the Spanish tortilla, which is then fried in olive oil. The tortilla frequently includes extra items like chorizo meat and bell pepper slices. It is then cut into wedges and served.

The tostada or pan con tomate, which is a baguette rubbed with tomatoes, drenched in olive oil, salt, and other seasonings, is another well-liked breakfast choice.

Interestingly, eggs aren't too common, so beware if you're offered a traditional omelette or scrambled eggs - those are often saved for tourist hotspots.

Not to mention the churros, which are served warm and crunchy with a cup of hot chocolate for dipping. After that, sip on some orange juice or café con leche to finish it off, and you'll be prepared for the day ahead.

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