Unexpected ingredient swap saves biscuits

Almost everybody likes the end result of a nice bake. Fresh bread and other baked items can be very gratifying.

But because baking can be rather technical and requires exact measurements of ingredients, any assistance in streamlining the procedure is usually appreciated.

Keeping things straightforward, such as with a recipe for 3-ingredient biscuits, can hasten the process of getting excellent food from the oven to your plate.

The best bakery-style recipes are built on the foundation of fundamental baking ingredients like butter, milk, and eggs.

However, it has been known to happen occasionally, and it is inevitable that you will run out of an item necessary for the dish you are working on.

Popular Science experimented to identify the best substitutes for some baking essentials in front of that crisis.

One of the most important lessons learned from these experiments was that any substitution should have a mild flavour to avoid overpowering the other components of your recipe.

We discovered when bananas were used in place of eggs that even bananas may have an overpowering flavour.

However, there is a substitute ingredient you may use if you run out of butter or eggs when making biscuits to save the day.

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