The Keys to the Ideal Lasagna

Make the Pasta Yourself

Homemade egg spaghetti is straightforward (really!) and can improve the flavour and style of your lasagna.

Carefully use dried pasta

Check whether dry pasta sheets are no-cook or need a quick boil before layering. Dried pasta absorbs lots of moisture, affecting the dish's water content. Don't overcook pre-cooked noodles. You don't want goopy, structureless cookies after baking.

Go Veggie

A vegetarian lasagna's sauce doesn't need as much simmering time as a meat-based one. Aubergine, peppers, onions, and butternut squash roast well. Use what's in season and looks good (or needs using up in your fridge).


Authentic lasagna is extremely dry, and each square should stand on its own. The goal is to balance liquid and solid ingredients, and dried, non-blanched noodles can soak up extra liquid in an overly sauce lasagna.

Extra sauce

Ragu (the meat element of lasagna) should be rich, savoury, and soft. Clever cooks know that the secret to melt-in-your-mouth ragu is leftover roasted meat that's finely minced and added to the sauce. Rather with beef, use pork-based Italian sausage. Rich, meaty flavour will please anyone.

Slow-cook meat sauce

Slow simmer your sauce if you don't have leftover meat for ragu. Slow cooking on the stove or in a slow cooker produces a huge taste difference. For optimal results, mix Italian sausage with beef.

Fresh Mozzarella, Whole

Choose real cheese, not bagged pre-shredded. Grate your own mozzarella for a fresher, lighter taste and to prevent stabilisers and preservatives.

Top with Grated Parmesan

Torn mozzarella melts well over lasagna, but we like shredded Parmigiano-Reggiano. It melts and crisps well and adds a wonderful bite.


There are slow cooker, microwave, and rice cooker lasagna recipes, but only baking in the oven yields real, delicious results. For optimal results, preheat to 400°F and cover your lasagna with foil for the first half hour, then remove it for the last 10-20 minutes as the top becomes crisp and golden.

Make Extra

Double tonight's lasagna. Lasagna tastes better days later, hot or cold. Pack it for lunch or freeze it for a stress-free family meal later.

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