The Best Cholesterol-Reducing Yogurt

"Slashing saturated fat [in yoghurt] is vital for heart health, notwithstanding recent controversy and genetics.

Too much raises 'bad' LDL cholesterol  When you eat too much sugar, your liver produces more LDL cholesterol and less HD 'good' cholesterol.

Sugar causes inflammation, the Nutrition Twins say, making cholesterol more hazardous. It contributes to atherosclerosis, the hardening of the arteries caused by LDL cholesterol.

The Nutrition Twins recommend buying yoghurts with little or very little saturated fat for lowering cholesterol.

They also recommend finding yoghurts with low to no added sugars. Greek yoghurt and skyr are high in protein, low in sugar, and contain probiotics and no saturated fats.

For someone with a low-saturated-fat, no-added-sugar diet, a yoghurt with these ingredients likely won't harm them.
In modern times, few people have such diets.

Probiotics and additives should also be considered while choosing cholesterol-lowering yoghurt.
Good gut health helps regulate cholesterol, say the Nutrition Twins. "Probiotics increase gut bacteria, which affects overall health.

A good mix of gut flora reduces blood cholesterol in animals."
Eating fermented foods like yoghurt helps enhance microbial diversity, which improves gut health and cholesterol levels.

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