Southern recipes for slow cooker

Candied yams

Let's clarify: Candied yams are sweet potatoes. Why bother? You can create this classic comfort-food side dish in your slow cooker.

Chicken & dumplings

Hot and hearty, chicken and dumplings is basically creamy chicken soup with little doughy biscuits floating in it.

Collard greens

Southerners love collard greens, so we included them. Collard greens commonly contain meat, including ham hock, ham shanks, bacon, turkey drumsticks, or Kielbasa.

Corn chowder

Why are creamy soups comforting? We couldn't answer that, but we can teach you how to make this slow-cooked bacon meal.

Cubed steak & gravy

Cubed steak is a flat, tenderised beef round, like chicken fried steak. Cubed steak with gravy is easier than chicken-fried steak in a slow cooker.


Mac & cheese is a dinner, side dish, snack, and everything in between.


Someone once said, "Bread is excellent, but what if it were meat?" Meatloaf changed the world.

Pecan pie

Pecan pie is still debated as to whether it's pronounced "pee-can" or "pe-cahn." Slow cookers make this Southern dessert easy.

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