Southern Foods That Just Taste Better


Southern fried chicken is better. Why do Southerners love fried chicken? True Buttermilk is a must.

Low Country Boil

Low country boil, a South Carolina staple, tastes better by the beach.Shrimp in the shell, kielbasa, lemon, garlic, beer, corn, potatoes, and seasonings like Old Bay and salt cook in around 30 minutes. Next, throw it on newspaper on a picnic table and dig in while watching the South Carolina sunset.

Soufflé pineapple

Marjory Pilley of Dinner Mom says pineapple soufflé is a southern Christmas staple. She compares it to a pineapple-infused sweet bread pudding. Pilley says it's a southern side dish. "It's dessert, though. Our family can't agree."

Fry fish

"Every summer, we camped at Cape Hatteras. Every Friday, the community had a fish fry to earn money for the fire department. The hushpuppies were delicious. Outside crisp and crunchy, inside soft and sweet. Dessert: hummingbird cake."

Burger Carolina

This North Carolina-only burger has chilli, cheese, and slaw. Tommy Pederson says, "Gas stations in rural Eastern North Carolina serve better ones than in town."

New Orleans Muffaletta

This music-loving city's signature sandwich is the Louisiana. Layers of olive salad, genoa salami, ham, mortadella, provolone, and Swiss cheese on sesame bread. It's Sicilian-influenced, yet tastes great in New Orleans because everything does.

Andouille Rolls

"Drink and food are more social in the South," explains Fiddletree Kitchen & Bar co-owner Hilda Delgado. "It's terrific cuisine and great company. Sharing food created with a mother's love is southern eating. Simple, healthy."


Southerners love iced sweet tea. It's served elsewhere, but it's tastier and more refreshing in the south. Southerner Jasmin Diaz, CMO, Smokey Mountains, proposes using baking soda to counteract black tea's tannins.


Bourbon is a Kentucky-made American whiskey matured in wood barrels and sold nationwide. Tia Mula, CEO of Live and Wed, says its sweet flavour pairs well with "smoky meals" in the South, such barbecue ribs or pulled pork, and Southern cocktails like the Mint Julep.

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