Simple Tips for Coffee Lovers

No coffee grinder needed. Crush beans in a mortar with a pestle. Continue crushing beans until you have enough coffee. Freshly ground beans should be brewed immediately. It's more labor-intensive, but a good last resort.

DIY Coffee Grinder

Salt helps bitter coffee. It makes it taste smoother by hiding bitterness. A pinch! More will ruin your coffee.

Bitter Coffee Needs Salt

This creamy, delectable nut butter is created with toasted nuts, vanilla bean paste, kosher salt, and maple syrup. Alternatively, you can use finely ground espresso.

Espresso Nut Butter

Cold coffee boosts flavour and tenderises meat in marinades. It can also be put into braising liquid for slow-cooked meat dishes, caramelising as the liquid reduces to flavour roasts or stews.

Coffee enhances meat marinades and braising liquids.

Cinnamon and pumpkin spice becoming old? Cardamom coffee? Mix ground cardamom with fresh coffee grounds before brewing. Two pods per cup should do it. It's a Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian tradition that gives coffee a floral scent.

Coffee Cardamom

Cinnamon can replace sugar or artificial sweeteners in coffee. You'll enjoy a soothing, spicy drink and the health benefits of cinnamon. It speeds metabolism and reduces appetite. A little goes far!

Cinnamon replaces sugar

Don't discard coffee grounds. Use in burger, steak, rib, hog, chicken, fish rubs. Always-working basic combination: 1/2 tbsp coffee, 2 tsp black pepper, 4 tsp brown sugar (for every 2 lbs of protein).

Coffee spices

We've found this to be the best way to store coffee. Whole beans stored in the fridge stay fresher longer than ground coffee, which absorbs fridge odours.

Refrigerate coffee beans

The Health Benefits of Cinnamon

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