Protein-Rich Soups for Dinner

Chicken, Bok Choy, Ginger, Mushroom Soup

Serve this healthful and satisfying chicken soup over noodles to make it a main dish.

Turkey Vegetable Soup

Thanksgiving leftovers? Lemon juice and zest give this turkey vegetable soup its lively flavour.

Slow-Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup

This slow-cooker chicken noodle soup meets the Mediterranean diet owing to veggies, lean chicken breast, and whole-wheat noodles. Serve with a salad and whole-grain toast for a healthy meal.

Butternut soup with apple grilled cheese

Adding apple pieces to grilled cheese soup dippers adds texture. Butternut squash soup with ginger, cumin, and turmeric beats tomato soup. If your palate is sensitive, cut seasonings. Summer squash is best. They make a quick family dinner. Reheat leftover soup for lunch or dinner later this week.

Kale, pasta, and bean soup

Hearty kale, white bean, and pasta soup. Bean mash offers soup body and creaminess without cream. Serve this vegetarian soup with whole-grain bread.

One-Pot Lentil Soup with Parmesan

This lentil-vegetable soup is filled with kale and tomatoes. Parmesan cheese rind lends the broth nuttiness and body.

Pepper-Stuffed Soup

This soup is faster and uses fewer dishes than stuffed peppers. We use onion, Cheddar cheese, and tortilla chips, but salsa, sour cream, and corn are also great.

Chicken Soup with Root Vegetables and Barley

Bone-in chicken adds flavour and is easy to remove after cooking. This Instant Pot or pressure cooker chicken soup is healthful.

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