One Sweet Potato Mistake

Sweet potatoes may be the only vegetable everyone likes.

This sweet root, which is not a potato despite its name, has so many health benefits that the Center for Science in the Public Interest once named it the world's most nutritious vegetable. Fortunately, sweet potatoes can also be roasted.

Most of us recognise the signs of spoiled fruit. Taste of Home warns that several buyers unwittingly buy low-quality sweet potatoes.

According to A Table of Joy, sweet potatoes with bruises, wounds, or sprouts should be tossed.

While some unsightly fruit can have greater nutrients, these are all signs that your sweet potatoes are almost expired (or past it).

Both publications noted that a sweet potato can still be used if only a few portions are rotten. First, remove the bad spots.

A Table of Joy suggests planting a sweet potato with sprouts if you have a green thumb. If you're creating a sweet potato-heavy recipe and don't have a garden, buy fresh, healthy-looking ones.

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