Lemon juice improves scrambled eggs

Although lemon juice might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you picture perfectly scrambled eggs, it is effective for a reason. Lemon juice gives a hint of vibrant acidity that can help brighten up any dish, as you may already be aware.

However, it's not just the flavour that enhances scrambled eggs; it's also how it changes the food's chemistry and the way it cooks.

The protein-rich dish's structure is subtly altered by adding a tiny bit of lemon juice as you're beating the eggs. The eggs develop air pockets as a result.

It contributes to the end product's fluffier, cloudier texture, which is what you want in ideal scrambled eggs.

The straightforward citrus addition also interacts with the proteins in the eggs and slows down cooking, which enhances the finished product's texture.

While the lemon juice's beauty lies in the creamy, fluffy texture, it also adds to the flavour profile.

Lemon juice makes you salivate and affects your taste buds similarly to how salt does, enhancing the other flavours in the dish.

While the precise quantity is up to you, start with a half a teaspoon for every two to three eggs you're scrambling and then modify as needed.

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