Global Breads You Must Try

Bazlama - Turkey

Turkey has various variety of flatbreads and other delicious carbs. Bazlama is a spherical, flat food that's been popular in recent years. Leavened bread made from wheat flour, salt, water, yeast, and Greek yoghurt and sugar.

Pão de queijo - Brazil

Brazilian cheese buns are a popular snack or morning meal. Recipes vary, but they're almost always cooked with cassava flour and cheese, generally Minas, mozzarella, or parmesan. Fat and egg are other ingredients.


First reported use of sourdough bread was in ancient Egypt. It's a sort of bread and a centuries-old baking method. It needs a leavener that absorbs wild yeast. Slow fermentation creates lactic and acetic acids, which give sourdough its mildly acidic flavour.

Ciabatta - Italy

Ciabatta features a wide, flat, elongated shape (hence its name, "slipper"), airy crumb, and soft, chewy texture. In Italy, it's made with wheat flour, salt, water, yeast, and olive oil.

Crumpets - UK

Tea and crumpets are quintessentially British. These cratered griddle loaves are created using water or milk, wheat, and yeast. Crumpets are only fried on one side to preserve their porous structure, which allows melted butter, fruit spreads, and other condiments to seep through.

Damper Bread - Australia

Aussies are known for barbecues, but what about damper? Early European settlers popularised this campfire-cooked wheat soda bread. Modern versions call for baking it in an oven or camp oven and adding milk or sugar for flavour. Crumbly, thick texture makes it a great sauce- or soup-soaking side. Breakfast with jam, butter, or vegemite is great.

India's Chapati/Roti

Unlike naan, chapati is unleavened (and by a host of other names). Popular in India and other places. A traditional parat is used to blend atta, water, oil, and salt (optional). A tava cooks chapati over an open flame. While cooking, they inflate and deflate. Tandoor roti is made in a tandoor.

Israel's Challah

Jewish braided challah bread is a Shabbat and holiday specialty. Some recipes incorporate sesame, poppy, or anise seeds as a topping. challah has a soft, spongy texture and eggy, sweet flavour like brioche. It's excellent with butter or jam, as a side to saucy foods, soups, and stews, or in bread pudding and French toast.

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