favourite comfort foods of all time


As a child, chicken noodle soup was the go-to while sick, which explains the happy feelings linked with it. "Chicken Soup for the Soul" is a series of comforting inspirational novels. According to studies, chicken soup does alleviate nasal congestion and inflammation.

Baked chicken

Remember "The Office" when Jim stated Michael ate a family-sized chicken pot pie for lunch and fell asleep? Chicken pot pie is a hot, hearty, self-contained dinner that hits the spot after a long work day (or on a relaxing weekend).


As a child, you might eat dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, then conventional nuggets, then chicken tenders, chicken wings, and fried chicken. Even as an adult, it's appropriate to eat chicken tenders and fries, which is soothing. Sauces are key.

Cookie dough

Think of your favourite baked treat. Chocolate chip cookies are the answer. Chocolate chip cookies are classic. It's one of the first cookies most kids try and learn to bake. It's never been easier to create chocolate chip cookies at home, thanks to the internet, premade mixes, and break-and-bake brands.


In season 4 of "The Simpsons," Homer sleeps in and says, "I'm a huge toasty cinnamon bun." The covers are folded and twisted around him like a warm breakfast pastry, yet cinnamon buns also convey comfort and pleasure. After eating one, you'll want to nap.


Cornbread is a Southern staple, but Native Americans ate it first. Cornmeal-based comfort foods aren't limited to cornbread. Southerners adore corn pone, hushpuppies, and johnnycakes.


Fries are unhealthy. There are better ways to eat potatoes besides deep frying, salting, and dipping in fatty, sweet, or salty sauces. Fries are one of the tastiest things on Earth, so indulge yo' self once in a while...even as chilli cheese fries with bacon or poutine.


A 90/10 burger with cheese and a bun won't use up your daily calories. Nothing beats a fatty double burger with double the cheese and a mound of bacon in a buttery, toasted bun when you're down, hungover, or cheating. Deep-fried onions, sweet sauces, and mayonnaise add calories

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