Easy Brunch Recipes to Try

Oat Waffles

These beloved family favourites are lower in fat and higher in fibre than regular waffles. They are great with fresh berries, according to my 2-year-old daughter. — Virginian Karen Hayes, Danville

Breakfast Egg Muffins

I created a recipe for morning egg muffins that my husband prefers even more after having scrambled egg muffins at a nearby restaurant. They are also tasty, hearty, and entertaining to serve. from Marshfield, Missouri, Cathy Larkins

Easy Granola

With just a little amount, the fiber-rich oats in this simple granola recipe will satisfy your desires. For times when your stomach takes control, have some on hand in a tiny airtight container. Pair the delight with protein-rich yoghurt for even more enduring fullness.

Ham & Egg Pockets

These tasty breakfast pockets are simple to create thanks to crescent roll dough that has been chilled. Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Winter Fruit Salad

This winter fruit salad's vibrant colours will brighten your morning. This dish is fantastic and simple to prepare for gatherings. Laura Brodine from Colorado Springs

Savory Dutch Baby

This comforting, flavorful, and cheerful Dutch baby pancake provides both comfort and pleasure. As long as they are fully cooked and heated in the bottom of the skillet before adding the batter and cheese, it's the ideal method for utilising little bits of leftovers. Helena, Montana's Susan Anderson

Scrambled Eggs with Vegetables

Especially when there is a "big game" on television, I enjoy hosting friends and family for a special Sunday brunch. Along with sausage, toasted English muffins, and fresh fruit, scrambled eggs with vegetables are a delicious side dish. Marilyn Ipson from Rogers, Arkansas

White Chocolate Raspberry Pancakes

In the summer, we plant berries, and I'm always thinking of different ways to cook with them. My hubby thought these white chocolate raspberry pancakes I made on a whim were fantastic! White baking chips can easily be changed out for semisweet chocolate chips. Wisconsin resident Sue Gronholz, Beaver Dam

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