Can Frozen Vegetables Be Roasted?

Yes! Roasting frozen vegetables is completely acceptable, and Well + Good provides some simple instructions for doing so.

No thawing is necessary; just remove your frozen vegetables, spread them out on a baking sheet, and season with salt, avocado oil, garlic, and/or herbs.

A 16 oz. bag of frozen vegetables should be roasted at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 30 minutes, flipping or stirring them halfway through. This is how Healthy Delicious recommends doing it.

Of course, the types of veggies you select also matter. For instance, you might need to bake tough root vegetables like beets, carrots, or parsnips for a little bit longer.

HealWithFood notes that some alternatives, like tomatoes, mushrooms, and zucchini, require less cooking time because they are typically softer.

According to Kitchn, you may enhance the presentation and flavour of your vegetables by sprinkling some lemon juice, parmesan cheese, or other herbs on top when they are perfectly crispy and roasted.

The only thing left to do is to relax, take it all in, and be amazed at how simple it is to roast practically any bag of frozen vegetables.

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