Bourbon Cocktails That Will Warm You Up From Within

Chocolate Bourbon Pumpkin Latte

I made this dish by combining two of my favourite dishes. It is the ideal beverage for a weekend brunch or a special event. —Ellen Riley of Tennessee's Murfreesboro

Bourbon Slush

Bourbon Slush is an undisputed favourite at our Christmas events. Have fun experimenting with various teas when preparing it. We enjoy drinking black, green, and orange spice tea. —Darcene Sigler, Louisville, Ohio


This Manhattan on the Rocks recipe yields a robust beverage. It can be served neat in a cold cocktail glass or on the rocks in a rocks glass. —Tasting the Home Cooking

The Mint Julep

The Kentucky Derby would not be complete without this mint julep recipe! However, this Kentucky Derby mint julep recipe is delicious at any time. —Tasting the Home Cooking

Eggnog Store

bought eggnog simply cannot compare to the eggnog I make at home. My special ingredient is apricot brandy! —Shelia Weimer, Bluefield, West Virginia

Kentucky Lemonade

This drink's mint and bourbon give it a touch of a Kentucky kick, while the ginger ale makes it a bubbly party punch.- Catherine Justus, Taylor, Michigan

Slow-Simmering Mulled Wine

For a festive holiday beverage or something to keep you warm throughout the harsh winter months, you'll adore this mulled wine made in a slow cooker.

Ginger Mint Julep

Mint juleps are not exclusive to the Kentucky Derby! Enjoy one when attending a baby shower or lunch with friends. —Ellen Riley of Tennessee's Murfreesboro

Warm Honey-Bourbon Chocolate

On chilly winter evenings, my husband and I enjoy sipping this adult kind of hot chocolate. If you can get honey-flavored bourbon at your local store, it tastes even better. Pennsylvania resident Andrea Harvath from Duncannon

Apple Cider Swizzle

The smash is a fruity, chilled beverage that is extremely refreshing. It's a perfect use for the apples and sparkling cider you purchased at the orchard. —Moffat Frazier, Manhattan, Manhattan

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