Award-Winning County Fair Desserts

Golden Apple Pie

I prefer making golden apple pies. It's a family favourite and has won blue ribbons at local fairs.

Five-Star Brownies

These brownies' name and shape reflect my state's heritage. When I entered there, Kansas was celebrating Dwight Eisenhower's 100th birthday. This was the fair's theme. So I titled and cut my brownies using a star cookie cutter to honour his position. Blue ribbon!

Peach Tart

I entered this pie in Livingston's Park County Fair years ago. It got a blue first-place ribbon and a purple all-around ribbon. Family and friends think it's a great peach pie.

No-bake cherries

My no-bake cookie recipe was delicious, but I never won at the fair. Maraschino cherries, almond extract, and voilĂ ! 2010 county fair: blue ribbon.

Zucchini Bundt Cake

Inspired by an abundance of zucchini, I made this spicy, sweet cake. Our county fair awarded a blue ribbon.

Pecan Pie

This pie got a blue ribbon in Texas. I didn't start cooking until I retired after 20 years in the service. Now I love cooking.

Latticed Blueberries

My girls and I are always seeking for new blueberry recipes to put in a cooking contest. These blue-ribbon bars are delicious.

Peanut-butter pie

I earned second place for my state with this pie recipe. I always use local items, like Virginia's peanuts.

Apricot bars

This recipe is all-American home baking at its best. It's received blue ribbons at state fairs and cookie contests. It's excellent for potlucks, bake sales, lunchboxes, or snacking.

Boomer-favorite throwback recipes

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