20-Minute Meals

One-pot pasta

This one-pot spaghetti is packed with veggies (excluding spinach), and everything cooks together in sauce. This 20-minute meal is likely to please you (less clean-up) and your hungry guests.

20-Minute Tortellini Bake

The whole family will love this 20-minute vegetarian spaghetti bake. Cook the tortellini (use chilled for faster cooking), add spaghetti sauce and cheese, and bake until bubbling.

Foil-baked honey-garlic salmon

This heart-healthy fish makes a quick, satisfying dinner. While the salmon cooks, you can make rice, green beans, or sautéed potatoes.

Buddha bowls with chickpeas, sweet potatoes, and chive dressing

Chickpea and sweet potato buddha bowls can be made in 20 minutes if you have cooked quinoa on hand.

Chicken Noodles with Sesame Basil

Spicy, delicious tahini-based sauce coats these sesame basil chicken noodles. This dish uses cooked chicken and fresh vegetables to clean up the fridge.

Chickpea Curry

Meatless Monday supper ideas? Easy chickpea curry with a delicious, creamy sauce. Cook the rice as everything simmers for a 20-minute meal.

Lemon Chicken with Asparagus

This five-ingredient lemon chicken with asparagus is wholesome and nutritious. It's tasty and low-carb.

Flatbread Margherita

Midweek pizza doesn't have to be hard. Use naan bread instead of pizza dough to cut prep time, then top with margherita ingredients.

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