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French Drip Coffee Pots: History & Top Picks

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French Drip Coffee Pots History & Top Picks

A French drip coffee pot is a common method of brewing coffee, tea, or the state’s well-known chicory coffee in Louisiana. The French colonists imported the custom of making coffee in a French drip pot from Europe several centuries ago. This device was a breakthrough, and the French were at the time the innovators in coffee brewing.

French drip coffee – what is it?

The traditional pot, known in French as a grégue, is a must-have in any kitchen. One of Louisianans’ favourite recollections is the aroma of freshly brewed coffee coming from one of these pots. Was the magic brought by the pot, or was it simply the magic of happy childhood memories? It might be both. This type of coffee is known as café grègue or café coulé (drip coffee).

The enamelled steel used in some traditional French drip coffee pots has the drawback of losing temperature quickly. However, the hot beverage can be kept in the ceramic pots for a longer period of time.

The French drip coffee brewing technique is identical to utilising a manual drip-into-a-cup equipment. The main difference is that you may make more than one cup at a time and keep the coffee hot for a while with a French drip pot. The glass Chemex is a type of coffee drip cooker. Because you can see the coffee in the pot, it appears quite contemporary. However, it is not particularly practical because, like with enamel pots, coffee quickly becomes cold.

Coffee Pot in French

This French drip coffee maker is made of ceramic and has a lovely finish thanks to the glazing of white porcelain. The filter is constructed of the same substance and has a contemporary conical form that will aid in flawless extraction. Since the cone has three holes for dripping, Melitta filters can be used with the dripper, and in my experience, the best filters are the finer filters. It should work with Melitta filters no. 3 and no. 4. The coffee will drop more quickly through No. 1 and 2 size filters and be too weak. The grind size should also be adjusted; if water drips too quickly, grind finer; if water flows through the grounds too slowly, grind a little coarser. Once you’ve found the ideal grind, adjust it. It’s possible that you need to reset the grind size when you switch coffee beans. Don’t try to speed the brewing process; the key to making superb French drip coffee is to pour the water slowly and regulate the temperature. The ideal temperature range for drip coffee is 195°F to 205°F (91°C to 96°C). You need an electric kettle with a variable temperature if you want to control the temperature with such accuracy.

Coffee Dripper Kinto Faro

The HIC drip pot is inferior than the Kinto Faro French drip pot. It is constructed of porcelain and has a mesh filter made of stainless steel. A terrific upgrade for your coffee is the mesh filter, a contemporary interpretation of the French Drip coffee maker. You can have a bold cup with stainless steel without paying any fees. To get a clearer cup, several individuals utilised paper filters with French drippers. The thick porcelain helps maintain temperature stability both during and after brewing.

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