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How to Make Your Own Coffee Brewing Water?

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How to Make Your Own Coffee Brewing Water

Have you ever observed competitors utilising their own water for coffee brewing? Have you ever wondered how to create brewing water on your own? Making your own coffee brewing water is fairly simple and inexpensive. Come along as we demonstrate how simple it is to generate your own coffee brewing water!

Why should you produce your own brewing water?

Since filter coffee contains 98.5 percent water and 3.5 percent coffee, the type of water you use to brew your coffee is quite important. Water hardness has a significant impact on how well your coffee extracts; in general, the softer your water, the better your extractions will be. Additionally, too-soft water can result in sour and winegary cups. Most frequently, the issue is that the tap water is too hard. Too much hard water will result in too extracted, lifeless, and boring flavours in the cup, which is exactly what no one wants.

I won’t go into great detail on water hardness and alkalinity because Karkki’s blog about water for coffee is a far better resource for that information.

How can I create my own brewing water?

There are only three ingredients required to make your own brewing water;

Magnesium sulphate, distilled or deionized water, and Epsom salts
Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate (not powder; use NaHCO3).
These items are all conveniently offered at supermarkets, pharmacies, specialty shops, etc.

A scale (exact to 0.1g) and a few bottles or containers are additional requirements.

To begin, we’ll prepare two concentrates:


1,7 g (1,68 g, to be precise) of baking soda should be dissolved in 1 litre of purified water.


2,5 g (2,45 g, to be exact) of Epsom salts should be dissolved in 1 litre of purified water.


We’ll make the brewing water now that you have the concentrates. The concentrates will yield quite a bit of leftovers, allowing you to use them to create more than 10 litres of brewing water.

The formulas for making the water include:

877 g of pure water
buffer concentration, 82 g
Concentrate of hardness, 41 g
This recipe will provide you with brewing water that is 82 ppm total hard and 41 ppm total alkaline. I successfully utilised this recipe in the 2020 Finnish Brewers Cup competition.

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